Citizens Assembly News Digest


In early 2009, the Citizens Assembly News Digest was changed into a Facebook group, Citizens Assembly Based Democratic Reform.  That page includes a chronological ordering of noteworthy news developments concerning citizen assembly based democratic reform.


July 9, 2009--Analysis of British Columbia's Citizens' Assembly Referendum Results

April 25, 2009--British Columbia Citizens Assembly Referendum on May 12; California's Proposition 11, With Citizens Assembly-Like Features, Passes in November

June 28, 2008--Harvard Hosts 2-Day Citizens Assembly Conference; New Zealand Parliament Allocates $4.3 million for a Citizens Assembly

January 17, 2008--Saskatchewan Premier and Citizens Assembly Advocate Defeated; New Zealand Parliament Debates and Defeats Citizens Assembly Legislation

October 19, 2007--Ontario Citizens Assembly Referendum Defeated; Addendum: Saskatchewan Premier Promises a Citizens Assembly if Re-Elected on November 7

September 14, 2007--Ontario’s Public Education Campaign Launches; U.K.’s Prime Minister Explores Creating a Citizens Assembly

May 27, 2007--Ontario Approves Referendum and Launches Education Campaign

March 3, 2007--Ontario Completes Consultation Phase

December 30, 2006--Netherlands Issues Final Report; Ontario Starts Consultation Phase

November 1, 2006--Netherlands Winds Down; Ontario Roars Ahead

September 8, 2006--Ontario’s Citizens Assembly Convenes; Netherlands Enters Last Lap

June 16, 2006--Netherlands Citizens Assembly Completes Learning Phase

April 18, 2006--Netherlands Citizens Assembly Convenes

January 26, 2006--California's Citizens Assembly Bill, ACA28, Introduced

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