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Designing Deliberative Democracy:
The British Columbia Citizens’ Assembly

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Introduction: Democratic Renewal and Deliberative Democracy

Mark E. Warren and Hilary Pearse

1 Who Should Govern Who Governs? The Role of Citizens in Reforming the Electoral System

Dennis F. Thompson

2 Citizen Representatives

Mark E. Warren

3 Institutional Design and Citizen Deliberation

Hilary Pearse

4 Agenda Setting in Deliberative Forums: Expert Influence and Citizen Autonomy

Amy Lang

5 Descriptive Representation in the BC Citizens’ Assembly

Michael Rabinder James

6 Do Citizens’ Assemblies Make Reasoned Choices?

Andre Blais, R. Kenneth Carty, and Patrick Fournier

7 Communicative Rationality in the Citizens’ Assembly and Referendum Process

R. S. Ratner

8 Deliberation, Information, and Trust: The BC Citizens’ Assembly as Agenda Setter

Fred Cutler and Richard Johnston, with R. Kenneth Carty, André Blais, and Patrick Fournier

Conclusion: The Citizens’ Assembly Model

John Ferejohn